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Direct Local is Bristol's free advertising magazine that gets hand delivered to selected properties in South, North Bristol and now Yate and
Chipping Sodbury

Magazines are also distributed through selected retail outlets and other businesses throughout the area, so you can reach a targeted audience of
50,000 people each month very cost effectively every month across three magazines We pride ourselves on publishing unique, relevant content
which is researched by our team and supported by news from around the local areas.

Our aim is to provide an entertaining magazine that allows businesses to promote themselves cost effectively within the local community. This
glossy, topical magazine is an exciting alternative to monochrome local papers, but is much cheaper than most of them, therefore allowing the
affordability to advertise on a monthly basis and the opportunity to build a significant local profile.

If you have community information you would like to share, please contact us via email as soon as possible. Community and non-profit making
events will be included FREE subject to availability of space
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